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Howard Weinstein

Award winning Artist..

An Artist of Passion

* When you see his art, you will feel his passion!

Referred to as the “Tiffany Artist”, Howard Weinstein is peerless in the art field. Among his many artistic talents, this award winning artist has perfected an unusual combination of pen and ink with acrylic media. Two distinct iconic collections reflecting this technique, include Maestro Luciano Pavarotti and jazz entertainer, Dizzy Gillespie.

Mr. Pavarotti was so impressed with the likeness of himself, that he insisted upon signing the portrait with a large magic marker in order to reveal his name. Photographs of the icon signing this original portrait have been included for your appreciation.

Dizzy Gillespie, another artistic talent in the entertainment arena, had further permitted Howard to create t-shirts and posters from the signed original portrait, in order to raise funds for children in need.

Howard’s gallery of creations are incredibly diversified and reflect the love and joy of his amazing talent. It has taken a lifetime of work, which has made it difficult for him to have parted with any of his creations. These few pieces of Howard’s original artwork are individually up for sale. They are displayed with all passion and truth that Howard has always expressed when responding to people’s comments about him. He says “The Good Lord is the Artist, and I am only the tool.”–Perhaps this is the reason Howard is so highly regarded for his talent and the charitable life he lives.


Lord, create strength in my body and

beauty in my mind, in order to bring Forth all your

gloryand impress humankind.

I am God’s tool, and through me He shows,

the wisdom and truth that His eternal kingdom holds.

The Lord’s finger guides each stroke I take,

and His own spirit lives in every piece I make.

How blessed am I to live my part,

in sharing God’s love through His glorious art.



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