Pavarotti & Gillespie

These signed portraitscouldbe yourone-of-a-kind!

Maestro, Lucianno Pavarotti

& Dizzy Gillespie

Maestro, Lucianno Pavarotti

A “one- of- a- kind” Autographedpen and ink and acrylic original of Pavarotti...

Renowned Opera Singer, Lucianno Pavarotti was amazed and impressed with the portrait of himself, created by Fine artist, Howard Weinstein.

Pavarotti permitted himself to be photographed while signing the painting, as a token of his admiration and respect for the artist.

Especially impressive in this work, is the gold leaf accent which is placed above Pavarotti’s head, reflecting the glory of this Maestro’s talent to the world.


There are two photo’s of Pavarottisigning the painting.


Art: H 201/2" x W 15 3/4" Frame: H 30 1/4" x W 25 1/2"

Pen and Ink/Acrylic/Gold leaf

Art: H 17" x W 20" Frame: H 28" X 31"

Pen and Ink/Acrylic/Gold leaf


Dizzy Gillespie...

Dizzy Gillespie, Famed Jazz Artist, is known world wide forhisamazing talent.

Fine Artist, Howard Weinstein has not only captured Dizzy’s likeness,but also the love that Dizzy reflected in his music.

This signed portrait of Dizzy Gillespie is truly a must have foranyDizzy Gillespie Collector.